Beekeeping is a family tradition.

1970, My father, both grandparents, and family taking bees to acacia to make world's finest honey.


Soothing sound of acacia forest and buzzing of bees fill my childhood memories. Since I was 6 years old my father would take me to the apiary located in the heart of acacia forest in Moldova. At that age I could not care less about bees except to obey my dad’s warnings whenever I was approaching too close and disturbing the busy insects.    Time passed by and eventually hectic lifestyle in the office and urban noise frenzy revived my childhood memories filled with calming buzz of the bees and rustling noises of the forest. So I decided to transform beekeeping heritage, passion, and experience into a full time commercial operation.  
​Currently we manage apiaries in California, Montana, and North Dakota.

We produce, extract, and sell our own honey.

I am the third generation beekeeper in my family.  With a lifetime of experience, we know bees.